Chapter 4: Bulkheads
Chapter 5: Fuselage Sides
Chapter 6: Fuselage Assembly
Chapter 7: Fuselage Exterior
Chapter 8: Restraints
Chapter 9: Infinity Retracts
Chapter 10: RONCZ Canard
Chapter 11: RONCZ Elevator
Chapter 12: Attach Canard
Chapter 13: Nose and Nose Gear
Chapter 14: Centersection Spar
Chapter 15: Firewall
Chapter 16: Control System
Chapter 17: Trim Sytem and Landing Brake
Chapter 18: Canopy and Rollover Structure
Chapter 19 & 20: Wings and Winglets
Chapter 21: Strakes
Chapter 22: Electrical
Chapter 23: Engine and Cowl
Chapter 24: Finishing
Chapter 25: Upholstery
Chapter 26: Flight Testing
Construction Details.
These pages document the procedures and steps I followed in the process of building my Long-EZ  aircraft. Hopefully others will find these pages a helpful resource.

Some of the procedures I used were unique to my project. Most of what you find here is fairly generic and will apply to virtually any canard project.

This is what I'm working on today:
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